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Airing of the Quilts in Smithville, TX

Be sure to visit Smithville November 7, 2009 because quilts will be on display all over town. Some will be for sale, but most will just be displayed. It will be a beautiful site and great photo opportunity.  This event is sponsored by the Smithville Business Association.  Smithville is located between Bastrop and LaGrange.  We are 43 miles East of Austin.

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Birdwatching Colorado River Report

This is part of a report from the  Austin Bastrop River Corridor.  This area of the Colorado River is about 30 minutes West of Smithville

 September Travis County River Monitoring Trip Results – Sept 5 –

 Location:     Austin Colony – Webberville

Observation date:     9/5/09



It rained on us; first thing when we were doing the shuttle.  The river was a dirty brown muddy color and running fairly quick.  We think there was lots of runoff from last nights rain over downtown that filled up Waller Creek and Shoal Creek.  After the rain we were treated with overcast skies for the rest of the ride down to Webberville.  For the first time in a long time I did not use any suntan lotion.  Oh birds, you want to hear about the birds.


We have three very good sightings for the day.  While still preparing our boats at the put-in a Tricolored Heron flew upstream.  Later in the morning we got an Anhinga.  Finally there was that Olive-sided Flycatcher, we will put that one in the good sightings list also.  We also got a Yellow Warbler and several Empidonax Flycatchers.  Owls are always fun and we got two Great Horned Owls.


In the migrant column we got Baltimore Orioles, Yellow Warbler and Empidonax Flycatchers.


In the ‘we-should-of’ category we missed most ducks and we had no migrating hawks.


In all we got 49 species.

 Number of species:     49

 Black-bellied Whistling-Duck     1

Anhinga     1

Great Blue Heron     12

Great Egret     5

Snowy Egret     6

Little Blue Heron     2

Tricolored Heron     1

Green Heron     24

Black Vulture     32

Turkey Vulture     28

Osprey     1

Red-shouldered Hawk     4

Crested Caracara     4

Killdeer     3

Spotted Sandpiper     28

White-winged Dove     48

Mourning Dove     8

Yellow-billed Cuckoo     3

Great Horned Owl     2

Chimney Swift     7

hummingbird sp.     2

Belted Kingfisher     5

Red-bellied Woodpecker     14

Downy Woodpecker     3

Olive-sided Flycatcher     1

Empidonax sp.     3

Great Crested Flycatcher     3

Western Kingbird     11

Eastern Kingbird     8

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher     3

White-eyed Vireo     26

Blue Jay     6

American Crow     14

Northern Rough-winged Swallow     6

Cliff Swallow     12

Barn Swallow     100

Carolina Chickadee     26

Black-crested Titmouse     16

Carolina Wren     22

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher     18

Eastern Bluebird     9

Northern Mockingbird     5

Yellow Warbler     1

Northern Cardinal     78

Red-winged Blackbird     25

Common Grackle     26

Great-tailed Grackle     12

Baltimore Oriole     18

House Finch     2


Smithville Music Festival w/ Jimmie Vaughan


The town of Smithville, TX, is proud to announce the 1st Annual Smithville Music Festival on Saturday, November 7th, 2009.

The musical event is one of the largest in Smithville’s history. Four-time Grammy Award winner Jimmie Vaughan will headline. Also on the bill are honky tonk troubadour Dale Watson, jazz trumpeter Hannibal Lokumbe, a native of Smithville, the sensational Jones Family Singers from Bay City and many more.

“This will mark the inception of an annual music and arts festival that will continue to grow and join the ranks of the high caliber musical events known throughout Central Texas”, says, Adena Lewis, President of Smithville’s Chamber of Commerce.

The event will be held at Smithville’s beautiful Crockett Riverbend Park.

Food and beverages can be purchased throughout the day from various vendors. Participants are also welcome to camp on the grounds following the concert — those interested in camping must register on the festival website prior to the event.

Advance tickets, priced at $15, can be purchased at or via the festival website,  .

Proceeds from this event will go to Project Community, a non-profit effort based in Smithville that seeks to support Health, Education and Arts initiatives.

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B and B Guests loved the Float Trip on the Colorado River

Saturday, September 5,  7-11PM – McKinney Roughs Nature Park is having their “Light o’the Moon Float Trip.  How do you beat the heat and still get in some good times on the Colorado River? The Light o’the Moon fljoat trips begin with a sunset on the river, which is soon replaced by the cooler night air. Enjoy yourselp as your raft is gently guided down a moonlit stretch of tranquil river. Pre-registration is required, $50 per person, ages 7 and up. Call McKinney Roughs at 512 303-5073 to register.  The Park is about 18 miles West of Smithville.  These trips are planned around a full moon.  Guests of the Katy House that have taken this trip loved it and plan to take the trip again this fall.We love the Colorado River and this is a great trip. If you can not plan on going on this float trip, try to plan to go on another time!